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A day-to-day activity of the Non-Public Health Unit is organized and co financed by Auxilium Association "The Arnolds Janssen Hospice of Nysa" created especially for that purpose. It groups people both pensioners and working and of different professions like: doctors, nurses, lawyers, teachers, economists, technicians etc. These people have experienced cancer, directly or indirectly. The feature they all share is common understanding of the palliative idea and worry about the existence of the Hospice.

Auxilium Association of Nysa as a founding body looks for the ways of supporting and development of the Non-Public Health Care Unit in Nysa. Apart from the fact that the Hospice has been financed from the money guaranteed by the National Health Fund, the means are insufficient. Thus, one must keep on searching for funds. The money has been collected in accordance with the charter of the association. It comes from different sources like: different public collections, lotteries, charity concerts, auctions and others. The association also looks forward to donations from various institutions both private and state owned.

The Association turns not only to institutions or private companies but also to individual donators. It is commonly known that it is these small donations given from the bottom of the heart which let collect huge amounts of money. The Association also gets additional means from the collections in different parishes in Opole Region. They are usually held after a Sunday mass in front of the churches. Moreover, also the notes of 10,20,50 or even 100 PLN brought by individual donators constitute an important part of the financial aid for the hospice itself.


Palliative care is a vital issue. Everybody will have to die one day. May the end of the journey be without pain, full of peace and among our beloved present around, in harmony with God and people. Many of us pray for such a good death. (Can it be good, after all ?) Incurably ill people ,especially, should experience such possibilities of leaving this world and one can find such in a hospice, also in Nysa.
That is why, Auxilium Association would like you to join the group of benefactors of the Hospice.

That is why, Auxilium Association would like you to join the group of benefactors of the Hospice

Every penny counts :
AUXILIUM Society "The Arnolds Janssen Hospice of Nysa"
Nr 86 1090 2167 0000 0001 2366 4949

In March 2004 we were officially given the status of the organization of public benefit. In this way, we may make efforts to obtain 1% of your income tax. 00000 32522 is the KRS number needed to make such a donation.

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