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The history

The Hospice in Nysa started on 7th April, 1994 as a part of the Public Health Care Provider in the town. It has been a separate unit since 5th January, 2001 and called the Non-Public Palliative Care Unit, appointed and run by Auxilium Hospice Association of Nysa. Since June,2008 the hospice and the association have constituted one legislative and administrative body whose full name is Auxilium Association of St Arnold Janssen Hospice in Nysa.

The hospice turned 14 in the spring of 2008.At the moment it is one of two independent hospices in Opole Province ( there are more indoor care units in this region- go to www.hospicja.pl ). But our hospice is still the only one in Opole Province which acts simultaneously as stationary and indoor. When we were celebrating the 10th anniversary of the existence of the hospice, the hospice got the name of St Arnold Janssen, the founder of Divine Word Society (Societas Verbi Divini-SVD)

The plaque of St Arnold Janssen in front of the building

What this is hospice ?

Hospitium (Latin) means hospitality. In the old days, a hospice used to be an equivalent to a shelter for travellers .Later, it was used in a wider context referring to nursing houses, hostels and finally hospitals- that is why, one can find the word "hospital" in many European languages. These days, a hospice is a special hospital of a unique character. The people who are down with incurable and devastating diseases such as cancer , particularly, can find shelter and care in a hospice. It is also for the people who cannot be cured efficiently by doctors any more - they are ''only'' to die, as some may say calling the place by the word "mortuary" . We would like the word –unjust, soulless and gullibly repeated by ill-informed people- to be finally removed from the set of words used today, in the 21st century, in the era when so many fight for human rights. Welcome to our website.

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