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Indoor Care Unit

It is located in the building of the hospice, for the mobile patients with an advanced state of cancer. The families of the patients who cannot come themselves are also contacted there. The Hospice in Nysa acts on the basis of the contract with the National Health Fund - that is why, our service is free of charge for insured patients.

The hospice in Nysa takes palliative care of the families of the passed away patients. It is called "care of orphans" as it is defined by WHO. According to this definition , this sort of care should not only refer to patients themselves but also to these family members who suffer greatly after being left by somebody dear. Not all mourning people require such aid. We know from our experience that around 25-30 percent of families require verbal consolation and talks.

Such talks described sometimes as support groups are organized mostly once a month. The number of participating people varies from 10 to 15, where one half participates for the second time at least and the other half consists of the people who have lost a family member recently. The talks are carried out by a chaplain together with a psychologist always accompanied by 2 or 3 nurses; their presence lets "the Orphans" face the new reality.

Monthly talks of the support group

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