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Stationary Hospice

There are twelve beds in the stationary hospice ( located in Nysa,) at the moment, after the extension, paid for by the National Health Fund. Only the patients in the terminal state of cancer are taken care of there. The terminal state is a late and very difficult state of cancer. Terminus (Latin) means an end, border. At this state, one cannot even think about making patients recover but what can be done is to let them feel they are being freed from a lot of torments caused by the illness and to let them live with dignity for the rest of their weeks, days and hours. Our highly trained staff consists of 10 nurses, 3 doctors, a physiotherapist, psychologist and Roman Catholic priest (chaplain).

Christmas meeting in 2008: The hospice staff and the executives of the Association.

The hospice doctor makes a decision about placing a patient in the hospice based on the patient’s medical record stating the termination of the treatment sent by a GP or from a hospital. You can contact us on : (0048) 77 435 89 67 24-hours a day (hospice) or (0048) 77 433 73 55 (Association); or you can send us an email: hospicjum_auxilium@poczta.onet.pl. The Stationary Hospice is open 24/7.

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Stowarzyszenie Auxilium "Hospicjum Św. Arnolda Janssena w Nysie", ul. Sienkiewicza 7B, 48-304 NYSA, NIP: 753-21-12-944 Tel.: (77) 435 89 67,Tel./ faks: (77) 433 73 55
e-mail: hospicjum_auxilium@poczta.onet.pl
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