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Voluntary work is free work for the benefit of patients and their families. It constitutes an essential factor in the service of the Hospice. Such a service is very needed and even crucial while dealing with the dying. At times many people themselves while paying a visit to a sick relative at hospital, turn spontaneously into volunteers helping diligently exhausted nurses. Many people understand that without this sort of spontaneous care of a tormented patient, next of kin-the care would not be complete.

To be a volunteer means to help strangers in need as if they were your own parents. It is a deliberate sacrifice of your time and rest for those who need our kind company so much.

The volunteer

A volunteer cannot always replace a doctor or nurse (unless they are qualified and can function as medical volunteers). They can perform some auxiliary and organizational tasks ,for example: after being trained in our hospice, they may accompany patients. To perform some administrative, social or organizational tasks, they may apply their professional qualifications. There are also situations when people can act temporarily as volunteers, for example, during money collections - then their qualifications are of the secondary importance.

Temporary volunteers

However, no matter what kind of volunteer one is, the most vital thing is unselfish will to sacrifice free time which plays a significant role in case of underfinanced hospices in Poland.

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